[Healeys] On-going Clutch Problem

Rich C richchrysler at quickclic.net
Fri Jun 18 11:15:55 MDT 2010


That sounds for all the world to be a defective sluggish and probably 
ballooning clutch slave cylinder hose.


From: "John Snyder" <helyjohn at cablespeed.com>
Sent: Friday, June 18, 2010 7:48 AM
To: <healeys at autox.team.net>
Subject: [Healeys] On-going Clutch Problem

> Some of you may remember my previous post to the List, and I still have 
> not
> resolved the problem.  The clutch was working perfectly b/4 the car went 
> to
> the body shop.  I put about 20 miles on the bare chassis (private streets, 
> no
> police) and the clutch worked great.  Now, when getting the car out of the
> body shop the clutch "drags" and does not fully release.  The chassis sat 
> at
> the body shop in a cool, damp corner while the panels were being repaired 
> and
> painted.  It is impossible to shift into gear unless it is in gear b/4
> starting the engine, and shifting while driving is very hard.  Dave Porter
> suggested that I might not have cleaned the protective coating off the 
> face of
> the Pressure Plate and that could have messed the Clutch Plate up.  I
> carefully cleaned the Pressure Plate even though it looked good, and 
> installed
> a new Clutch Plate.  I am completely stumped.  I bleed the hydraulic 
> system,
> and there was no air in it.  I pulled the rubber caps off the master and 
> slave
> cylinders, and there were no leaks there or anywhere else in the system.
> With the engine off, drive shaft disconnected, trans in 4th gear and the
> clutch pedal all the way down, I can just barely turn the flange on the 
> rear
> of the transmission by hand.
> Could someone please give me some advice?  This is my 6th ground up
> restoration of 1959 to 1962 A H 3000s, and I have never had this problem 
> b/4.
> John Snyder

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