[Healeys] Cup Holder

Dick Matson medlabinc at msn.com
Fri Jun 18 08:56:19 MDT 2010

In reference to Roger Conte's October '09 Healey Marque cup holder article, I
just received part number 1J0858601D, the newer version cup holder that Roger
referred to recently on the list.

This version (2002-2006 VW Jetta and other models) is a nicely done
self-contained assembly.  The extending and retracting mechanism has a solid
satisfying click when it goes into either position, and will automatically
accommodate one or two cups of various sizes.  I like it.

The mechanism will require mounting hardware much as Roger describes in his
fine article.

Like a flex-fan, addition of a third brake light, change from a 3:91 to a 3:54
diff or signal light beepers, this feature is reversible.

Dick Matson / Bj8

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