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Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Tue Jun 15 19:45:50 MDT 2010



I bought a Toshiba laptop from BB for my son a while back.   It's very 
annoying because the manufacturers load the box up with a lot of crap 
software, then you have to remove it.  Even though I'm a computer 
professional I paid BB to do it because they convinced me their 
utilities would do a better job, but you can probably do it by going 
into the Control Panel and just removing the apps.  

I would think Win7 would be installed on any new computer.  I would use 
McAfee from AT&T because it's free and comparable to the others.  Trend 
Micro is good, I'm not too familiar with Kaspersky but had heard some 
good things about it, but with McAfee you'll get regular updates.  It 
runs a full scan once a week that really bogs the box down but aside 
from that I used it successfully for years.


Mark LaPierre wrote:
> Could some of you computer types get back with me with your opinions on which
> way I should go and other misc. questions for a new lap top.
> REAL PURPOSE.    Thanks
> If anyone would like to know the answers I will gladly send them to you.
> -  Does setting up a new lap top really take 4 to 5 hours?   Says the salesman
> (kid)
> -  Is the setup out of the reach of a normal/ casual operator?
> -  Should I have paid  the $80.  to let the Geek Squad do the set up for me?
> -   My lap top has Windows 7 included but I may have to down load that? I
> haven't turned it
>     on yet.  Could that be a large part of the 4 to 5 hrs?
> -    I have the option between 3 different Anti Viruses of which I haven't
> heard of either one.
>       Webroot,  Kaspersky,   and Trend Micro. (where have I been?)
>        Which is the  AV of choice?
> -     Do I need to install the Anti Virus immediately upon "turn on" in order
> to totally protect my
>       systems?    And then load the Windows  system?
> -      I have MacAfee included in my At&t internet, can I use both AV or will
> they conflict with
>        each other?
> -      Anything I forgot please don't hesitate to suggest.
>         Just trying to make my new investment a safe/ smooth one.
>         Thanks ,  Mark
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