[Healeys] Brake/Clutch Reservoir inside washer?

Mr. Finespanner mrfinespanner at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 15 20:41:34 MDT 2010

There is a thin rubbery washer underneath the clutch reservoir cylinder, and
as you can see it does deteriorate.  I always replace it with a copper 
which holds up much better.  The concours judges will never see it.
Doug Reid, 18G Motorworks

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>Subject: [Healeys] Brake/Clutch Reservoir inside washer?
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>I9m rebuilding my BJ8 clutch/brake reservoir and see there9s an aluminum
>washer on the outside of the can for the clutch and brake line nipples. But
>on disassembly I found a black substance inside the can between the clutch
>(small) cylinder reservoir bottom and the can inside bottom. It looks like 
>very thin washer of some sort perhaps butyl or neoprene.  I9ve looked in
>the archives and see no mention of it and Moss doesn9t list the part.
>Helpful listers I9ve asked have suggested making one which I can do but
>my question is - is it supposed to be there or is this likely just residue
>from some sealant? (if it is what9s best to use?) There9s no washer inside
>the can for the brake line.
>BJ8 65 in process 

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