[Healeys] Trafficator assembly

Peter Schauss rpschauss at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 07:10:28 MDT 2010

Last weekend I took my trafficator apart for cleaning and relubrication
since the self cancellation function was getting a bit erratic.  (I guess
that this is something one should do every 15 years or so whether it needs
it or not.)  

Inside the unit are two screws brass screws which hold the wires for the
left and right turn signals.  The heads of these screws fit into hexagonal
recesses in the plastic but there is nothing to keep them from falling out
unless the turn signal wires are attached and the nuts tightened. This means
that the wires from the harness have to be attached before the trafficator
is reassembled (which is what I did).  Is this correct or did I miss

Peter Schauss
1963 BJ7
1980 MGB 

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