[Healeys] Oil pressure obtained

Allen Miller allen100m at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 13 16:51:48 MDT 2010

Thanks to everyone who put forth ideas on how to recover oil pressure after rebuild. I obtained it on the first crank after taking the following steps, most of which were in respect of your ideas, plus one I came up with. Don't know which one worked, but one or more did...

1. bought an oil gun and pumped oil into the oil cooler lines from both directions to get all air blocks out of the cooler

2. checked the orientation of the spin-on adapter. it had been put on before the rebuild and worked, so only the Welch insert for the oil cooler lines was a question. On inspection, that piece can go at any angularly orientation because the galleries grooved on both sides receive oil regardless.

3. pumped oil with the oil gun through a clear tube hose clamped to the oil pressure gauge sender connection at the block. after pushing a good pint or so in, I disconnected the gun and watched the oil gravity feed down the clear vinyl tubing. A few pulls back sucked air locks out  of the gallery. 

Pressure built to 18 psi on starter power. The motor kicked over on the first push of the starter, a very satisfying result after months of waiting! 

Thanks again for the inputs.

Allen Miller

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