[Healeys] BJ8 Wiring

BOB BENISEK rbeni3000 at wowway.com
Sat Jun 12 16:40:33 MDT 2010

Cheeck the connector at the left side of the firewall.B There should be a
double connector with four red wires.

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My BJ8 has no rear "driving lights" or license plate light.
I have stop
lights and turn indicators (indicators appear to be a seperate circuit).

have no continuity at tne connector (red wire) in the boot. To me this tehn
tells me the problem is farther forward.
Where is the next connector for the
red wire? B My diagram has this connector spliting off to the switch and to
front "pilot" lights which are working.

Thus the problem could be at this
connector. New wiring harness, bulbs,etc.
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