[Healeys] BJ8 Wiring

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If you have front running lights, but no rear running lights & license plate
light then you must have power to the four red wire connector you mentioned
that sends power to the front & rear. I believe that connector is located on
the left side of the firewall in the engine bay near the throttle linkage.
There is a group of wires that all go down thru a grommet & go to the rear of
the car. Make sure all four of the wires are well seated in the connector. One
of them is the red wire that goes to the connector in the rear. I would
suggest using a test light or a voltage meter to test for power at these
various connections. Connect one lead to a known good ground & the other to
the metal "bullet" on the end of the red wire you want to test. You mentioned
that you have stop lights, so you have a good ground connection on the
stop/running light circuit.
Gary Hodson

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My BJ8 has no rear "driving lights" or license plate light.
 have stop
ights and turn indicators (indicators appear to be a seperate circuit).
ave no continuity at tne connector (red wire) in the boot. To me this tehn
ells me the problem is farther forward.
here is the next connector for the
ed wire?  My diagram has this connector spliting off to the switch and to the
ront "pilot" lights which are working.
Thus the problem could be at this
onnector. New wiring harness, bulbs,etc.
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