[Healeys] Clutch Fluid problem

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Fri Jun 11 12:08:30 MDT 2010

Water ingress?
Kees Oudesluijs

Paul Baker wrote:
> I posted this problem on the Spridget list, but as the problem is not
> necessarily Sprite specific, I would appreciate your thoughts on it.
> Last
> year I fitted new brake and clutch master cylinders and a new slave cylinder
> on my Sprite and used Castrol Response Super Dot 4, Glycol based brake fluid
> (available in the UK) in both clutch and braking systems .  One year on the
> fluid in the Clutch m/c turned dark grey and very thick and slave and m/c
> rubbers failed.  I replaced both Clutch m/c and slave and flushed system with
> fresh fluid.  After a month with new clutch master/slave cylinders the fluid
> is turning grey again.  The fluid in the brake m/c is fine.  What's causing
> the fluid to change colour and go thick, are the rubber seals disintegrating
> or is the fluid oxidising the castings?  And why the clutch system but not the
> brake system as the m/c's were from the same manufacturer?
> I called Castrol
> Tech Support and they have not heard of this problem before, but have asked
> for a sample of the fluid and old seals for analysis.  I am also aware of two
> other Sprite owners having the same problems.
> Paul

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