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Paul Baker paulbaker52 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 10 12:43:15 MDT 2010

Interesting thought re salt but I don't live near the coast.


seen this on cars near the coasts. Salt air is tuff on stuff. This is
not a
definitive opinion, just a guess.."

"I posted this problem on the
Spridget list, but as the problem is not
necessarily Sprite specific, I would
appreciate your thoughts on it.

Last year I fitted new brake and clutch
master cylinders and a new slave cylinder
on my Sprite and used Castrol
Response Super Dot 4, Glycol based brake fluid
(available in the UK) in both
clutch and braking systems .  One year on the
fluid in the Clutch m/c turned
dark grey and very thick and slave and m/c
rubbers failed.  I replaced both
Clutch m/c and slave and flushed system
with fresh fluid.  After a month with
new clutch master/slave cylinders the fluid
is turning grey again.  The fluid
in the brake m/c is fine.  What's causing
the fluid to change colour and go
thick, are the rubber seals disintegrating
or is the fluid oxidising the
castings?  And why the clutch system but not
the brake system as the m/c's
were from the same manufacturer?

I called Castrol Tech Support and they have
not heard of this problem before, but have asked
for a sample of the fluid and
old seals for analysis.  I am also aware of
two other Sprite owners having the
same problems.


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