[Healeys] tandem dual master cylinder

allen c miller jr acmiller at mhcable.com
Wed Jun 9 03:37:41 MDT 2010

Hello Listers

Need to set up a dual master cylinder on a BN2 with a proportioning system to
balance front and rears

One of the consultants with whom I've corresponded has recommended a 'tandem'
cylinder, in which the two masters are in line, and could be mounted on the
BN2 rail without a lot of modifications to the support.

I have my doubts if I could mount a typical dual reservoir/side-by-side dual
cylinder using the stock BN2 pedal mount given the lack of 'throw distance'
between the pedal and cylinder. I do not want to intall a later model pedal
box if I can avoid it, so I am exploring options.

My basic requirements are for racing and safety...

1. double redundancy (two separate feed pipes and reservoirs)
2. mountability on the BN2 rail without modification
3. ability to remotely proportion balance between front and rear

If anyone has achieved all three objectives on a BN2 I would gratefully
appreciate your input.


 allen miller bn2/m

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