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> many years ago i was shown some research that stated pure antifreeze was
> not as effective as a 50/50 mix of antifreeze.  i have been passing along
> that info for years.  was i lying then and am i lying now?  hjim

Spidell went to the extremes to answer a question that wasn't being asked
quite that way. Yes, in general usage, (left in below freezing conditions for
periods of time, but then driven at standard operating temps) a 50/50
mixture is best, because a pure antifreeze solution won't cool as effectively
a 50/50 solution. We run race cars with no glycol because it's slippery on
the track if you spring a leak and the cooling capability is very effective
(we even run without fans), but in a regular car that won't work.
So. If you're living where Spidell is, you can skip the antifreeze and park
outside on all but two nights a year, but in the real worldstick to the
instructions on the container, and go with 50/50. It will be adequate for
anywhere that doesn't require a block heater to keep the car alive.


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