[Healeys] I thought that this was amusing - NO LBC CONTENT

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Sat Jun 5 20:16:06 MDT 2010

I am VERY sure, Len..............

<<state law to make a turn against a red arrow traffic light.>>

that it is also the same in EVERY State that has adopted
the Uniform Motor Vehicle Act from the FMVSS.

Besides and unless EVERYTHING I have learned the the
"couple/few" years, RED means STOP and of course it would
be worse with the presence of a "Arrow Traffic Signal" that
is RED <VBG> !!!

Where there any "rebuttals" in the OpEd Column <VBEG> ??
<< By the way, I have not seen any Healey drivers make this mistake! >>

Odds ARE in MY favour, but I'll bet there are a "goodly"
number of Healey [and ALL other 'brands'] drivers that ARE
VERY guilty just in their everyday driving of rolling Red Lights and/or 
STOP Signs.  And the second or 2 "saved" by "rolling a
red light at intersections where Right Turn on Red IS legal will
save said person at least 5 minutes a YEAR.  Whoopy-do !!
Is NOT worth it, IMNSHO.

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