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Greg Wilkinson gregwilkinson at roadrunner.com
Sun Dec 28 19:49:58 MST 2008

Man I wish I had this list a couple years ago. I screwed up on #1....twice.

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Scott ... INSTALLING TRANS. 1 .2 .3 .. it's easy 

1...  this a two man job ,don't try it on your own **************** 
2...  both seats out the car , block open door with a 2+4
3...  REMOVE drive shaft 
4... remove cotter pin from rear hand brake cable 
5... pull hand brake lever all the way up out of the way 
6... if you have removed the clutch it MUST be aligned ... NOW
7... TWO men lift trans. into car 
8... one man on creeper under car 
9... man inside car uses a piece of rope around rear drive flange
10.. two men lift trans. and place front shaft into clutch 
11.. lower trans. onto rear trans. mounts 
12... put into high gear
13.. sight from below and align clutch housing to be parallel to      
                   rear engine plate top and bottom and sides
14.. adjust by raising or lowering engine with jack
15.. turn rear drive flange to enter front shaft into clutch disc
16.. re check alignment see #13
17.. use a 2+4 to ease trans. forward from rear, don't use force 
18.. it will close easy if it's lined up
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