[Healeys] Re-installing Tranny?

Mark LaPierre lapierrem at sbcglobal.net
Tue Dec 30 05:06:16 MST 2008

     I have read a lot of feedback through out the last decade on this 
routine.  After the major expense of redoing the trany it makes sense to 
reinstall it the right way.   Pull the engine too .   Whats another couple
of weeks down time in order to get the thing lined up right.   You need a 
good cherry picker, ($150.) and a leveler to do it right.   While the engine 
is out you can tidy up the rest of the compartment.

Lining up the trany input shaft has to be a hellashias deal when the engine 
is in the car.

Good Luck,   Mark

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> Hi folks,
> I pulled my tranny yesterday to sort the problems I am having in 1st and
> reverse.
> Question:
> What is the best way to wrestle the tranny back into place once I have the
> tranny sorted? It was hell getting it out. I cannot imagine doing it with 
> a
> restored car without nicking and scraping something. I used a little floor
> jack and a board to keep it from dropping. What is the best way to keep it
> level when I reinstall it?
> Weakly yours,
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