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Sending this again...got notice my email was too big.

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> Thanks for the list Norm. I was just reading through your book Tech Talk and
I just emailed a recommendation to a local friend to buy the book. I cannot
recall if he has it yet or not. He just moved back from CA with his BN7
project he acquired a few years back. His car is in very similar condition to
> I am a bit concerned of getting my face smashed being under the car when
> trying to install the tranny. It is a side shift tranny for a 60 BN7. It i a
bit heavy and it wanted to drop through the hole but I suppose I can wear a
football helmet with full face guard so that I don't loose the center portion
of my face!
> OK now serious...
> Symptoms:
> *It was not engaging sometimes during a drive. I would get stuck at an
> *It seemed like it was engaging two gears at once and it would take much
manuvering of the shift lever to get it functioning again.
> *It would be locked in gear and if I let the clutch out it would bog down
and die immediately locked in gear.
> *I took the side cover off and cleaned the balls and springs for the
selectors. That helped. There was gunk in there that I flushed out.
> *After flushing the ball and springs I never had it freeze on me again.
> *Yet, it would not stay in first, made horrid "rurr, rurr, rurr, rurr,..."
noises in first and reverse.
> *My tranny fluid has some nice fine metal sand in the bottom.
> Cheers,
> Scott Willis
> Mashed 60 BN7 AH Club USA
> 59 MGA
> 66 E-Type FHC
> http://www.bgeuroclassics.org
> BG Euro Classics Car Club President
> Bowling Green, KY

Its the same Hotmail.. If by same you mean up to 70% faster.

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