[Healeys] Exhaust manifold coating

Patrick and Caroline Quinn p_cquinn at tpg.com.au
Sun Dec 28 14:37:19 MST 2008

G'day Gary

It's been 30 plus years and I have finally found someone who has the
expertise to do this. Many times I have tried to achieve a coating that
looks like rust, but only managed rust itself.

Please tell me where to send my parts and your bank account details so I can
pass them on to a good friend in Nigeria.

Also is there any chance of opening a franchise in Australia as I just know
there a huge market of classic car owners who are on the lookout for faux

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hoo Roo

Patrick Quinn
Sydney, Australia 

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Not true. I recently perfected a process where by I can reproduce an exact  
copy of "rust" on any steel part. It is a high temp finish & should you ever

scratch or chip the finish, it is self healing. Unfortunately, it is very  
expensive. Just send me your parts & $500/part. I will coat them with this  
special finish that I guarantee to be indistinguishable  from rust.  
Gary Hodson   
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I  know there isn't a coating that simulates a "rust"  appearance

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