[Healeys] Heritage certificate gives different body colour

Sam DeSalvo sdesalvo at frontiernet.net
Sun Dec 28 08:08:01 MST 2008

I also found what I believe is a mistake on my Heritage Certificate 
regarding the original color of my 1955 BN1. The original color was stated 
as black, but in doing a complete tear-down, there is no evidence of black 
body color. Red was evidently the original color. Makes me wonder about the 
authenticity of the Certificate.
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> I've just been given a Heritage cert for Christmas for my '56 BN2. 
> Everything
> matches (including chassis and body numbers) and lines up with what I 
> expected
> except the body colour. The PO resprayed it silver with black coves in 
> 1989.
> But there is evidence in many places of Healey Blue underneath. So I was
> expecting the cert toB sayB Healey Blue (or ice blue or whatever). The
> certificate actually says two colour Ivory White and black. I have not 
> found
> any evidence of these colours. Apart from the obvious possibility that the 
> car
> was completely bare metalled then painted blue at some time in its life, 
> is
> this a mistake in the cert, or did some cars get resprayed after leaving 
> the
> production line? I would like to know for sure what colour the car was
> originally, as I was intending one day to turn it back to original.
> Mike
> Brooks
> '56 BN2
> Scotland and Qatar
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