[Healeys] Heritage certificate gives different body colour

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Hi, Mike -
I can think of three possibilities for the discrepancy:
1.  Some previous owner took the chassis and body number plates from an
original Ivory over Black car and put them on another car that was Healey
Blue, which you now own.  
2.  A previous owner stripped the car down to the body shell and repainted
it Healey Blue, including all of the out of the way places not normally
involved in a repaint.
3.  The cert is in error.  Having BMIHT certificates for 627 BJ8s in the
registry collection, I have ample evidence that errors on the certs are far
too common, considering what BMIHT is charging for them these days.  In
several cases, I have certs for the same car obtained at different times,
and they have differing details on them.  If BMIHT got the colors wrong,
they will replace the certificate for free.  However, if their records show
your car was Ivory White and Black, they won't change it regardless of what
your facts show.

There may have been cars repainted after they left the production line, but
if so it isn't likely that the total interior was repainted, too.  You
didn't mention whether your engine number matches the cert.  If it does,
then it is more likely that the numbers and your chassis go together.  If
not, or if the engine number is missing, I would suspect you have a
different car than what the chassis and body plates show.

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
Havelock, NC

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I've just been given a Heritage cert for Christmas for my '56 BN2.
matches (including chassis and body numbers) and lines up with what I
except the body colour. The PO resprayed it silver with black coves in 1989.
But there is evidence in many places of Healey Blue underneath. So I was
expecting the cert toB sayB Healey Blue (or ice blue or whatever). The
certificate actually says two colour Ivory White and black. I have not found
any evidence of these colours. Apart from the obvious possibility that the
was completely bare metalled then painted blue at some time in its life, is
this a mistake in the cert, or did some cars get resprayed after leaving the
production line? I would like to know for sure what colour the car was
originally, as I was intending one day to turn it back to original.

'56 BN2
Scotland and Qatar

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