[Healeys] Luggage Rack, Removal Question

Mark LaPierre lapierrem at sbcglobal.net
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Very nice ,  helpful summary Rick,   thanks.

Can someone chime in here at how long it takes to remove a luggage rack
in case one prefers the car without a rack but uses the rack for long trips.
Since there are no holes in the trunk it seems like it would be doable.
Is this convenient to do or a pita.


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> Thanks to all who responded to my questions about concerns over the
> factory-style luggage rack. Since some of the replies came to me alone and 
> not
> the list, I thought I'd share the information.First of all, it seems that 
> the
> fellow I talked to who tried to persuade me not to install one of these 
> racks
> is the only person with negative comments about them. I even telephoned 
> the
> person he gave his rack to (he said "gave"; the new owner said he paid 
> $200
> for it) and he thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. One reply
> came from a dealer who has installed about 15 factory-style racks with no
> complaints about chrome wearing off the bumper or wear in the hinge pin 
> holes.
> He did say that no two racks seem to fit the same but the beauty of this 
> rack
> is no weight on the trunk lid. Another respondent said that he had used 
> one of
> these racks for over 5 years with no problems and highly recommended 
> them.Two
> people suggested the Cape racks and both had them on their cars for 
> several
> years. Although they are pricey one commented that the exchange rate is 
> good
> at the moment. It might be good if you're an American but unfortunately I 
> work
> with Canadian dollars. I got a comment from someone who saw the response 
> about
> the Cape racks and he experienced paint wear under the rear 
> attachments.One
> person suggested trying to find an Amco rack that mounted with rubber 
> suction
> cups to which someone else commented that the suction cups were hard on 
> paint.
> He also advised against the Amco permanent racks because they are a 
> PITA.One
> person suggested the Holden factory-style rack. I checked and the price 
> was
> good - little more than half the price of a Cape rack.Someone suggested I
> forget a rack and consider a small trailer.That's about it. Lot's to think
> about and, apart from my friend, nothing negative about the factory 
> luggage
> rack. I'm leaning in that direction.CheersRick'59 BN4 - hopefully 
> restoration
> will be completed in time to use a luggage rack next summer
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