[Healeys] Luggage Rack, Removal Question

Ed's Shop shop at justbrits.com
Thu Dec 11 19:53:46 MST 2008


'Might' take 5 mts for the Factory or what the Holden unit
(as I mentioned<G>) seems to be.

The single thing that 'would be' the "draw back" is that the boot lid
("truck" for the newbies.  LOL) would retain the SCREWED on 'bolts'
which remain IN PLACE and IMHO would look like He||<G>!!

If you would like a pic of what I mean, I'll get a pic in a day or 2 for
you (but will put on my site for all).

Well wait, just re-checked Holden site.  The TWO items at bottom
right of pic show the items that ARE 'screwed' to lower (close to)
corners of the boot lid.  If you need further, lemme know and I can just
'borrow' their pic & circle them.  If you would really like a pic of the
'screwed on' items which ARE installed, lemme know (or anybody else<G>).

Have to move a spare '70 Camino Rear Bumper inorder to open Hortense's
boot lid<VBG>!!!


PS:  I MUST admit that I am somewhat 'dazzled' by the lack of ANY
questions regarding "how can anybody tell the diff between repos &
original racks" !?!?  <VBG>

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