[Healeys] wire harness fasteners

andy pole ampole at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 7 15:18:59 MST 2008


As Rich pointed out you are looking at the wrong holes, he outlines the ones
in the sides of the main frame members, you want the holes that are on the
bottom of the frame, the only one you use in the side of the frame (for main
loom) is near the footwell / gearbox, the first on the bottom of the frame is
about level with the front outrigger, 2 more behind this before they use the
rear of the frames centre x member before going upwards behind the rear heel
board, will try and take some pics.

cheers Andy

> Brad,> > There are originally no inserts to go into the frame to hold these
> fasteners. Most of the screws were about a #8 self tapping shank so either >
you have had some previous owner drill things grossly oversize or you may >
have been looking at the set of brake line or fuel line hairpin clip holes >
by mistake.> > Rich Chrysler>
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