[Healeys] wire harness fasteners

Rich C richchrysler at quickclic.net
Sun Dec 7 14:50:40 MST 2008


There are originally no inserts to go into the frame to hold these 
fasteners. Most of the screws were about a #8 self tapping shank so either 
you have had some previous owner drill things grossly oversize or you may 
have been looking at the set of brake line or fuel line hairpin clip holes 
by mistake.

Rich Chrysler

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> Hello List, I am routing the rear wiring harness along the inside of the 
> left
> frame member as instructed, however the holes drilled into the frame to 
> hold
> the "P" clips are about 5/16" in diameter which seems way to large to hold 
> a
> standard screw, is there an insert of some kind that goes into the hole 
> first?
> I can find no reference to any in the parts or service manuals. Thanks 
> again.
> Brad Holden
> 67 BJ8
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