[Healeys] Web addresses and Tinyurls

tomfelts at windstream.net tomfelts at windstream.net
Mon Dec 1 09:02:08 MST 2008

Sorry Gary.  Simply not true.  Some urls are VERY long and some wrap around three times.  To cut and paste these is useless as they "usually" won't open.  the tinyurl is easy to do and saves the receiver of a link a lot of pain trying to open a very long link.  

---- Editorgary at aol.com wrote: 
> In a message dated 12/1/08 3:35:57 AM, healeys-request at autox.team.net writes:
> > Is it REALLY THAT HARD to use www.tinyurl.com , Mark (ALL)???
> > 
> > YOUR link gives:
> > 
> > Address Not Found
> > Firefox can't find the server at www.rootsweb.com.
> > 
> > 
> Ed, we're really happy that you know how to use Tiny URLs, whatever they are. 
> I still use "Cut and Paste" -- a technology that has served me well since 
> 1983 -- to insert the actual url into my Firefox request bar since I make it a 
> hard and fast rule never, ever, to click on a link in an email or use a link 
> that I can't read directly. TinyURLs are just another lazy short-cut that makes 
> one vulnerable to linking into a website that looks and acts like the real 
> thing, but is, in fact, a cybertrap.
> Cutting and pasting his url as listed worked just fine for me... Maybe you 
> should examine your connection between your e-mail server and Firefox.
> Just my two cents.
> Gary
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