[Healeys] Web addresses and Tinyurls

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Mon Dec 1 07:56:56 MST 2008

In a message dated 12/1/08 3:35:57 AM, healeys-request at autox.team.net writes:

> Is it REALLY THAT HARD to use www.tinyurl.com , Mark (ALL)???
> YOUR link gives:
> Address Not Found
> Firefox can't find the server at www.rootsweb.com.
Ed, we're really happy that you know how to use Tiny URLs, whatever they are. 
I still use "Cut and Paste" -- a technology that has served me well since 
1983 -- to insert the actual url into my Firefox request bar since I make it a 
hard and fast rule never, ever, to click on a link in an email or use a link 
that I can't read directly. TinyURLs are just another lazy short-cut that makes 
one vulnerable to linking into a website that looks and acts like the real 
thing, but is, in fact, a cybertrap.
Cutting and pasting his url as listed worked just fine for me... Maybe you 
should examine your connection between your e-mail server and Firefox.
Just my two cents.

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