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m.brouillette at comcast.net m.brouillette at comcast.net
Mon Dec 1 08:29:16 MST 2008

  I have to agree with Gary on the use of Tiny Urls.

  I work as Director of technology for an Internet lead generation firm, and firms like this are attaching little tracking cookies to your browser to feed back information to others on your internet visiting patterns.

  It helps marketing groups figure out what makes you tick and what sites would be best places to place their ads and what best junk mail or pop up windows to send you.

  I'm not saying that tinyurl is doing this or something else to you and yours, but talking from experience, it' and unsavory other things aren't that tough to do at a site redirector such as them.

Mike Brouillette
Bedford, NH
59 BT7

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From: Editorgary at aol.com
> In a message dated 12/1/08 3:35:57 AM, healeys-request at autox.team.net writes:
> > Is it REALLY THAT HARD to use www.tinyurl.com , Mark (ALL)???
> > 
> > YOUR link gives:
> > 
> > Address Not Found
> > Firefox can't find the server at www.rootsweb.com.
> > 
> > 
> Ed, we're really happy that you know how to use Tiny URLs, whatever they are. 
> I still use "Cut and Paste" -- a technology that has served me well since 
> 1983 -- to insert the actual url into my Firefox request bar since I make it a 
> hard and fast rule never, ever, to click on a link in an email or use a link 
> that I can't read directly. TinyURLs are just another lazy short-cut that makes 
> one vulnerable to linking into a website that looks and acts like the real 
> thing, but is, in fact, a cybertrap.
> Cutting and pasting his url as listed worked just fine for me... Maybe you 
> should examine your connection between your e-mail server and Firefox.
> Just my two cents.
> Gary

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