[Healeys] Foam injection in chasis

63AHBJ7 63ahbj7 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 29 20:12:40 MST 2007

<<It will trap moisture in your frame rails which are bare metal on the
straight from the factory.>>

Not by now, Alan<G>!!

I would suspect that as long as he would be dealing with a "dipped" chassis
which ALSO had a couple gallons of the PermaTex product (used to be called
"extend" and is [still] mostly Navel Jelly) poured thru and allowed to "cure"
and THEN apple this "foam" and as long as said foam is NON-porous that it
might be of value.

Other than that itsy bitsy "chore[s]" you & Dave would be Spot On!!!  <VBG>


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