[Healeys] Works Sprites

Joe and Lenore Armour sebring at illawarra.hotkey.net.au
Fri Dec 21 08:29:24 MST 2007

Rick Neville's www.racingsportscars.com is a great site. Several of the 
Donald Healey Motor Co. built cars are pictured.
Sebring 1966 the two cars raced in orange and then used at LeMans in 
1966. HNX456D was then rebuilt and used at Sebring and LeMans in 1967. 
This car was continually upgraded to 5-speed gearbox and cross flow head 
with Lucas fuel injection
Sebring 1969 a works built car but  privately entered by Arthur Tuckerman
Sebring 1970 a works built car completed after the BMC contract ceased 
and entered by Ring Free Oil Co. / Baker Motor Co. and driven by three 
women incl. Janet Gutherie-later to be the first woman at Indy
Daytona 1969 a slightly different works car that was also raced at 
Sebring in 1968 and has raised lights recessed into the tops of the 
fenders. There was a steel bodied vesion of this style as a potential 
road version if Healeys could attract another major manufacturr after 
the BMC temination
Joe ( not really obsessed with Donald Healey Motor Company race cars as 
compared to works rally cars )

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