[Healeys] RH fender mounting

George Haywood haywoodone at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 21 08:30:53 MST 2007

That's what I did with my restoration and there was no problem getting to it.
The fender beading tabs are a different story however, you just have to bend
them over the best way you can in those areas.  I was careful to write down
how each attachment was oriented before removal and that one was reversed from
all the others on both sides with the clip on the shroud and the bolt head on
the wheel well side.  I am pretty sure that my left fender had never been
removed since birth, the right one had been removed after the first owner had
a little meeting with a snow bank (if they only knew!!).

Take care,

'65 bj8
> From: linwoodrose at mac.com> To: healeys at autox.team.net> Date: Thu, 20 Dec
2007 21:26:49 -0500> Subject: [Healeys] RH fender mounting> > Sometime in the
last five years I recall reading a suggestion to deal > with the> difficulty
of accessing that awkward third bolt on the right hand > fender. As I> recall,
the person offered that if you place the fender nut on the > shroud rather>
than the fender at that location, you can put that bolt in from the > fender
side> rather than having to reach around the cooling hose on the engine side.>
> I am going to be mounting my front shroud and fenders this weekend and>
wondered about the suggestion. Does the idea work?> > Wisdom from the list?> >
Thanks.> > Lin> 1960 BT7 in restoration> 1959 Bugeye>
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