[Healeys] bj8 progress

andy pole ampole at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 18 13:39:50 MST 2007

I may not be able to help that much living on another continent, I live near
Leicester in England 60 miles from where your  Healey was made. I paid about
250 dollars for 60 items to be powder coated ranging from the rear axle (had
to make cover plate to keep medium out), to wishbone arms and smaller
Advice I can give is to use a powder coater (and also with chrome plater) that
has been recommended and worked with old car bits before, I also took pictures
of each group of items and gave to him so we both knew what he had. Also make
sure that each part number that is on each part can be read or punch them so
you know what side of the car it goes on (especially wishbone arms etc as you
have 2 different arms with one on the left at the front whilst the other on
the right side will go at the back)
My body man who usually rebuilds the entire car recommended me.
Best advise is to use your local club members or this list for
best of luck

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