[Healeys] bj8 progress

andy pole ampole at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 18 11:05:17 MST 2007

Hi Guys
My bj8 is nearly ready for its paint, the chassis has been completed except
for the b posts and outer sills which are going on this week with the outer
panels in place and the doors / wings / shrouds all repaired. Whilst it has
been away I have took the opportunity to tidy up my garage and paint the floor
walls and improve the lighting (what a difference). I have had all the running
gear powder coated and have nearly finished building it up ready for me to fit
to bring it home (thanks for the advice and replies to questions).
So for anyone interested or need inspiration have al ook at the photos linked
from John Sims website or :http://photos.orange.co.uk/album/4527472
(sorry they are not in much of an order but too busy with other things, maybe
some of them will help other novices seeing how the front suspension goes
together etc)
once again thanks for the help, but there may be many more questions to
comeregards Andy
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