[Healeys] BN7 battery

Daniel and Diane White dwhite4949 at wowway.com
Sat Dec 15 09:16:18 MST 2007

In addition to a quality battery as Rich suggested you may want to get a 
Battery Tender (Google them to get all the details).  It's advertised as 
  "plug it in and forget it".  I like it because I don't have to choose 
a charge amperage or wonder if I left it on long enough or too long. Get 
the larger size, not the one for motorcycle batteries. For me, it's 
worked very well.  When I installed my Optima battery in my BN7 I got 
one of the battery trays from British Car Specialists and used a couple 
of "J" bolts on each side through a piece of aluminum bar stock across 
the top.  Round off the sharp corners of the bar stock with your jig saw 
and everything looks quite nice.
Dan White
'62 BN7 MK II

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