[Healeys] Spray Can Touch Up Healey Blue

Mark Goodman mkgoodman at worldnet.att.net
Sat Dec 15 11:51:18 MST 2007

Dear Richard,


You can have a spray can made up at your local car paint supply shop for
$20 to $30.   You might try a close match by using PPG DBU 3041 Diamond Blue

Ask them to see a paint swatch of that color and take an original painted
part to see if it matches close enough for you.


Mark Goodman

66BJ8 35503


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From: richard mayor <mayorrichard at hotmail.com>

Subject: [Healeys] Healey Blue rattle can paint

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Hi Guys, I have a '57 100-6, Healey Blue, unrestored, and a bit rough. I

to touch up parts of the frame and engine compartment. I want to stay as

to the original colour as possible. I know that's impossible, but -- is

rattle can paint somewhere out there that is reasonably close? Or at least

closer than what I've bee able to find. Thanks for your help. Richard

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