[Healeys] King pins out

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Thu Dec 6 09:02:25 MST 2007

Hi Todd,

"the pins that hold the bottom bolts for the
king pins out"

Heat might do it, but you might need to use The Force as well.  Put
nuts on the end of the thread--but only screw down a thread or 
two, leaving slack below the nut.  Then, you can tap on the nut
without damaging the threads of the pin.  I THINK the new king
pin sets come with these, so if you have to really hammer them
you'll have new ones.  Be careful, you don't want to crack the 
bottom trunnion, they DON'T come with the kit ;)

"Also how about the A-arm bolts??"

These can be a real bear (esp. if they've never been removed). 
The pins and the inside of the rubber/steel bushes are likely
rusted together.   Try to get your favorite penetrating--I like Kroil--in
there if you can.

The screwdriver slot on the pin heads will do you 
no good.   We got them popped out by using a pry bar against the 
threaded end--again, use a loose-fitting nut to protect the threads--and 
the backside of the pry bar against the chassis.  Or, you can use 
a pickle fork--used for popping end links loose--to pop them 
out.  You'll probably bend the flat disk on the head side of the
pin, but they can usually be straightened OK (or buy new ones
on general principal--I think they're about $15 ea.).  

When you put the A-arms back together--or the trunnions, for
that matter--be sure to use anti-seize on the pins.


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From: "Taylor, Todd S" <todd.s.taylor at lmco.com>
> I'm having trouble getting the pins that hold the bottom bolts for the
> king pins out.  Any ideas how I can get them out.
> I've used a ton of PB Blaster, I'm going to heat next.
> Also how about the A-arm bolts??  Is there a tool that can get those
> out?  I see they have some sort of a notch or slot
> to turn them out?? HA HA..       None of this stuff has ever been off
> the car in 50 years...
> Thanks...  Todd..

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