[Healeys] ambla repair

Peter Svilans peter.svilans at rogers.com
Thu Dec 6 08:30:49 MST 2007

Hi Ron,

If you want to simply seal the hole, use a good product called VLP Clear
Liquid Vinyl Repair, which forms a strong flexible bond.   Available from
Amazon, or Google it.

More likely you want an invisible repair, and for that you need to call your
local "Doctor Vinyl" type mobile specialist.  These guys travel around from
dealership to dealership repairing cigarette burns or "comb in the pocket"
type damage. If its that small, you might be able to get away with a surface
repair, where the fellow fills the split with a color-mixed vinyl repair
paste, and while its still curing, presses a negative mold of a grain pattern
into the vinyl.  The grain mold may come out of his personal collection, or
one can be made directly from your vinyl with silicone on the spot.  A dusting
of a specially mixed colour dye applied with a mouth-siphon blends everything
together and makes it disappear.Because a heat gun is required, a different
process is used for leather, which can't take heat.

The better stronger repair involves putting a special backing material behind
the split for strength. This may be fiddled into place through the split but
ideally should be done with the cover off the car- a real PITA for Healey
seats because the pleated center panel is glued to the foam.

There are a number of these guys around, but the skill varies considerably.
Look particularly for those with an eye for colour matching.  So ask dealers
and body shops- some guys have done it for 30 years and have acquired a rep.
Anyone can buy the heat gun and gear and look good, but can't necessarily tell
brownish red from bluish red, or how to get a perfect match without repainting
your entire seat.

I do it, but its definitely a service that can be sourced locally.


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