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G'day Todd,
The pin used to locate and secure the lower trunnion shaft on Healeys is
actually a round parallel pin with an angled flat on one side and a reduced
diameter thread on one end. This type of pin was used extensively to attach
the pedal cranks on bicycles up until about 30 years ago!!
Getting them out without damage can be difficult. 
You will usually find that bashing the end of the small thread, with or
without using the nut to protect the thread will destroy the pin. 
Fortunately new pins are supplied with king pin kits so that is not so much
of a problem. 
I usually use a cold chisel to remove the threaded portion flat to the
surface of the hole in the king pin then use a zip gun or if that is not
available a 1/4" dia parallel pinch to loosen the pin. It is frequently very
Regarding the inner "A" arm bolts I would suggest that you carefully
consider whether this is absolutely necessary before you get into it. Unless
the rubber Metalastic bushes have been oil soaked they are probably as good
today as they were the day they were fitted. 
Removing them can also be VERY difficult. These bushes have a bonded steel
sleeve on the inner diameter and this invariably rusts to the through bolt.
Bashing and banging is usually fairly futile and often only serves to weaken
or crack the frame where the mount is attached. 
Of course the rubber is an excellent insulator so unless you burn it away
entirely so that you can get the inner steel tube red hot to release the
rust you have a problem on your hands. 
I have restored many cars and left the arms in place throughout the entire
process. Works for me although it makes having the lower arms powder coated
out of the question.

Michael Salter
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AHX12 (1953)
Bugeye (1961)

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I'm having trouble getting the pins that hold the bottom bolts for the
king pins out.  Any ideas how I can get them out.
I've used a ton of PB Blaster, I'm going to heat next.

Also how about the A-arm bolts??  Is there a tool that can get those
out?  I see they have some sort of a notch or slot
to turn them out?? HA HA..       None of this stuff has ever been off
the car in 50 years...
Thanks...  Todd..

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