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[Shop-talk] dead battery

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Subject: [Shop-talk] dead battery
From: "Mike" <>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2013 16:07:23 -0700 s=q20121106; t=1368572830; bh=fou/nAAdQ3REhGR0bZWwG5QzNGFBnKxPV+3xB63iSx4=; h=Received:Received:Message-ID:From:To:Subject:Date:MIME-Version: Content-Type; b=i/DoDP46UZjhbfbwgiwug570tae/iFSMtW7XZd/S1AiQ/bqtS52gLZy+L0KMdgjIW DkNoO819AKp2/3mgGMNk2kxRAV99/+jCMlE1MwKVde9nOLCJrKeJSlyvz6zjIIE7tC i1Qv8ijfTUSyI3bZqGLqQLzvre3mEzRTnZXH4jNh9Sye7z0XvgqJwTsTthaMAG6Qrq IcVNYSGXtU6C4gmncJvIO1+cghHUtoXc9vnB23eOTnBkdSSRYVXmtbFr3QjWAoyBo+ iJrrt9wGdDev45HLodeQW9xhx1R9mlg+3b10kqBq3DqsbqlKNODgFGQDWIWfXFg9an IBvOSbMFf4myg==
I have a 12v car battery that is dead as a doornail because the car hasn't
been run in a long time.  It is also dry, or at least  very low.  So I filled
the cells with distilled water, and hooked up the leads (the ground lead to a
bolt on the engine), checked the charger to be sure it was set to 12v, and
plugged it in.  Ammeter goes to max, and the charger trips out.  Suggestions?
There is no adjustment on the charger, just plugged in or not.


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