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[Shop-talk] GM rear axle C-clip removal

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Subject: [Shop-talk] GM rear axle C-clip removal
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Sat, 11 May 2013 18:36:08 -0700
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Ok, I'm stuck.  Got a big GM limited slip solid axle with the half shafts
located by those stupid C-clips.  I've got the locating bolt and the cross
pin out.  But I cannot get the shaft to move, to get clearance to remove the
clip!  The wheel bearing is shot, so it might be the bearing keeping it from
moving, but I can wiggle the bearing end up and down while pushing on it,
and nothing seems to bind.  When I beat on it with a BFH, the axle actually
rings (!) making me think it must be free all the way to the gear.  I also
tried spinning it up to about 70 mph and pushing on the axle with it still
spinning, thinking that might shake loose whatever is blocking, but it made
no difference.
Axle is still in the car, and I'd really like to avoid removing it if
possible.  But that bearing and shaft have got to be changed.  I already did
the other side (couple years ago), and the axle slid in (and out) easily.
Any thoughts??
Oh yeah, 95 Buick Roadmaster Estate wagon if that make any difference.
-- Randall 

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