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Re: [Shop-talk] GM rear axle C-clip removal

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] GM rear axle C-clip removal
From: Dave C <>
Date: Sun, 12 May 2013 12:16:30 -0700
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Sometimes you can weld a bead along the inside of the race and when it 
shrinks it'll shrink the race a little, enough to get it out.  Or you 
can weld a piece of steel across the race and use that to grab on to 
pull it out.

On 5/11/2013 7:09 PM, Randall wrote:
> In the infamous words of Emily Litella, "Never mind!"
> Turns out, the LSD clutches were slightly out of place (probably caused by
> yours truly initially trying to remove them) and blocking the motion of the
> C-clip.  A stout brass drift and BFH moved them back and it all came right
> apart.
> Now all I've got to do is get that $@# race out of the housing.  Last time I
> wound up cutting it apart to get it out, but this one maybe isn't as bad.
> Nah, I couldn't get that lucky!
> -- Randall
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