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Re: [Shop-talk] Renting garage space

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Renting garage space
From: Wayne <>
Date: Thu, 09 May 2013 19:11:50 -0400
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On 5/9/2013 10:22 AM, PJ McGarvey wrote:
> So to explore way how I might be able to recoup the price of said house - alot
> of which I think I think are b/c of this garage - I'm wondering how I can go
> about maybe renting space whether it be just storage or possibly also work

Wow, I would NOT even go there. Maybe if it was rented to a friend, 
*JUST* for storage. Letting a stranger share space can turn into a 
nightmare quickly.

My Dad & I built a 3 car garage / shop behind our urban house in the 
early 70s when I was a wee one. 'Rents got divorced and by the 80s; Mom 
was single in the house and renting the garage for spare $$$.

First renter was some kid (relatively - well probably in his 20s) that 
did all the obnoxious stuff kidz that age do (crap! have I gotten that 
old?! Only going on 47!) Drink and smoke heavily & party w friends at 
the garage, make lots of noise, rev engines, have half a dozen friends' 
cars parked in the alley to the garage, etc. Then he just quit paying 
rent or showing up for several months. Then had the gall to be PISSED I 
took the liberty of using MY garage *I* built that he hadn't paid rent 
on to swap my Toyota's clutch.

2nd guy was an older motor head. Messed with all the wiring and disabled 
our ability to switch on the back yard or alley lights from in the 
house, oil stained the !@#$ out of the floor, changed the locks without 
permission, dented up the sheetrock, and refused us access (if you think 
I can't pick or bump a lock in seconds, you just lost that bet!) and was 
suspected of using the natural gas furnace out there at our expense, 
even though the lease stated he wasn't allowed to use it. He also kinda 
moved out "in the middle of the night" but at least mailed us rent owed.

I think Matt put it pretty well. With liability & fire issues, 
inappropriate use of your stuff, damage to the structure, potential to 
piss off neighbors you may have to spend years living with, NO WAY IN HELL.


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