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Subject: [Shop-talk] Renting garage space
From: PJ McGarvey <>
Date: Thu, 9 May 2013 10:22:30 -0400 FILETIME=[A3AAE1C0:01CE4CC0]
Toying with the idea of *considering* bidding on a house with an amazing
garage... rest of the house is great too, just has some other issues and the
price is a bit high...
So to explore way how I might be able to recoup the price of said house - alot
of which I think I think are b/c of this garage - I'm wondering how I can go
about maybe renting space whether it be just storage or possibly also work
Garage:Detached, 1300 sq. ft. - will fit 7 cars, I would consider giving up
about 4 cars worth.10 years old, has plenty of power, air compressor lines,
heat/AC, lighting ... all top notch.  Security system included,   Private cul
de sac in nice area.  I've seen the house and garage with a realtor.
One of my main concerns would be the neighbors, and not annoying them
especially since I'd barely know them upon move in.  So starting out small
might be a good thing.  Current owner is a big car guy, lots of hot rods, so
the neighbors can't be all that surprised.  hehe.
So I'm wondering for those who are garage space renters or rentees, what or
how you charge, what you are getting/including, and what kinds of things are
guys looking for in rental space, do you sign any "gentlemens" agreements, and
what kinds of issues do you run into?
The wife is all for the garage and how we can u$e it, so THAT'S out of the
way.. :-)   The attached 2 car garage would be a step up for me already, so at
least we'd have a place for other stuff.
BTW, my current house was previously owned by a 70 year old widower, who
rented the 2 car garage to a Viper and built drag Mustang when I bought it.

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