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Re: [Shop-talk] Toughest EE question ever asked here.

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Toughest EE question ever asked here.
From: Scott <>
Date: Thu, 02 May 2013 15:12:40 -0400
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Yeah, the only good answer for this I've ever seen is to replace the 
system with one that can deal with phones. When my firm built a new 
office they went with fey fobs that could handle phones just fine.

Of course they couldn't stay functional on their own for more than a day 
or two at a clip, but when they worked, phones were no problem.

Of all the systems at clients' offices I've ever seen, it seems to be 
just as arbitrary--some are rock solid and will work no matter what, all 
the time, such that I wonder if they doors are just on a generic 
proximity sensor and the cards are just placebos, while others might 
work once, if that.

My solution is to do away with the things unless you really do happen to 
work in an industry that needs them. They're one of those 'progress' 
things and feels more like regression. An architectural firm doesn't 
have any state secrets in its file room, much less its foyer.

On 5/2/2013 12:06 PM, wrote:
> OK, it's a stretch to say this is shop related, but IF I can get it to
> work, it will be lots of 'cred' for me at work!  8>)
> I work at a building that requires proximity cards at just about every
> door.  That means lots of swiping all day long.  Of course everyone wears
> their card around their neck or on little pull chains.  I put mine in my
> wallet.
> The system we have is made by
> Here is the question.  I would love to be able to put my card in my cell
> phone case and just use that to swipe the readers.  Problem...
> The phone interferes with the reader's ability to read the card.  In fact,
> if I put a piece of aluminum foil behind the card (and my phone is no
> where near it), the reader can't read it.
> I've also tried a product like this
>   .
> But if I have that *behind* the card (meaning not between the card and
> reader) it still doesn't read the card.
> So, to the question, What can I put between my cell phone and card to make
> the card reader still see the card?  It needs to be thin.
> If someone can get me the answer, I'll make a donation to
> in their name!
> I know there are EE's out there that can answer this.

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