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Re: [Shop-talk] Toughest EE question ever asked here.

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Toughest EE question ever asked here.
From: Matt Wehland <>
Date: Thu, 02 May 2013 12:27:56 -0500
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I've always said that the sensors should be a little below hip level so 
you can just wave your butt at them, with the card in your wallet.
Then you can open doors with your hands full.
I've been in places where that works.  It was nice.
Then others that placed the sensor higher so you have to pull your 
wallet out all the time.
The most fun I had was one time I had misplaced (left it 1000 miles 
away) a card, got a replacement then later ended up with both of them in 
my wallet.
Swiping would work some times and not others, frustrated me for days 
until I went to HR to have my card checked out and found I had 2 of them 
in my wallet, one active and one not.

No real solution for you here, sorry.


On 5/2/2013 11:44 AM, wrote:
> Can't figure that one out.  A piece of aluminum foil keeps my office key and 
> bus pass separated just fine.
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>> Subject: [Shop-talk] Toughest EE question ever asked here.
>> OK, it's a stretch to say this is shop related, but IF I can get it to
>> work, it will be lots of 'cred' for me at work! 8>)
>> I work at a building that requires proximity cards at just about every
>> door. That means lots of swiping all day long. Of course everyone
>> wears
>> their card around their neck or on little pull chains. I put mine in
>> my
>> wallet.
>> The system we have is made by
>> Here is the question. I would love to be able to put my card in my
>> cell
>> phone case and just use that to swipe the readers. Problem...
>> The phone interferes with the reader's ability to read the card. In
>> fact,
>> if I put a piece of aluminum foil behind the card (and my phone is no
>> where near it), the reader can't read it.
>> I've also tried a product like this
>> .
>> But if I have that *behind* the card (meaning not between the card and
>> reader) it still doesn't read the card.
>> So, to the question, What can I put between my cell phone and card to
>> make
>> the card reader still see the card? It needs to be thin.
>> If someone can get me the answer, I'll make a donation to
>> in their name!
>> I know there are EE's out there that can answer this.
>> Thanks!
>> Eric P
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