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Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2009 14:24:03 -0500
I want to thank everyone for their advice on toilets.  It seems that the
Toto is the best route to go.  Unfortunately the finances wouldn't allow
me to spend that much.  I did purchase the American Standard Champion 4
and am very happy with it.  It definitely does the job.

Happy New Year to all!

Ronald Olds

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Toilets

I would like to ask the group for advise on toilets.  I am always amazed
at the amount of knowledge out there when it comes to about anything.

I am looking at replacing some old toilets in the house with the new
ones which use less water.  I k now some of the new ones are not very
effective when it gets down to what they need to do while others work
very well.  Does anyone have any recommendations of which ones work well
or which ones to stay away from.  I don't want to buy a piece of crap I
just want to get rid...

Thanks for the help and happy holidays to everyone.

Ronald Olds

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