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To: Wayne <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Toilets
From: Storm Field <>
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 11:40:16 -0500
Have to agree with Wayne. We did a major renovation...used Kohler products
and had and continue to have nothing but problems. We didn't buy from big
box stores, got products from upscale retailer and they tried to help
because we had placed such a big order but only thing we could do was keep
replacing parts until we could get them all operating.
By comparison, recently replaced American Standard units at local fire
department building with Toto toilets and they worked perfectly from the
moment they were put in. Plumbers love them because it's a no headache, no
call back installation. These Totos get far more abuse/use than the ones in
my home and continue to work flawlessly.
I will never...NEVER, buy any Kohler products again.
Good luck,

On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 8:33 AM, Wayne <> wrote:

> Ron Olds wrote:
>> I would like to ask the group for advise on toilets.  I am always amazed
>> at the amount of knowledge out there when it comes to about anything.
> Glad you asked.  There is only one thing you need to know:  TOTO makes
> awesome toilets!  All others suck.  Yeah, even Koheler (sp?) and other
> expensive stuff.  Sub $100 "builder grade" toilets from big-box stores
> What's Toto?  Originally a Japanese plumbing manufacturer, they have a huge
> plant and corporate offices near Atlanta, and other manufacturing all over
> the world.  Their products are actually engineered to work, conserve water,
> and last (!!!) rather than to be the cheapest thing a contractor can install
> in a new house.
> Check out this Seattle area plumber's web site for good info.  The forums
> have lots of reviews and discussion on toilets, and initially it seems like
> "TMI" but you quickly realize it's good info you need to consider when
> buying important fixtures you'll be using every day  ;)
> My ca 2001 house had American Standard toilets.  They were made in
> Guatemala and had no standard parts.  They broke, clogged, stained and were
> generally junk.  This time 2008 I started shopping for replacements, and
> very thankfully did not buy the Koheler at Lowes.
> I have a Toto Soiree in the master batch.  Expensive (~$550) but I needed a
> short non-standard rough in which limited choices.  Other bath has the Toto
> Gwyneth, now renamed "Drake II" which is now their mainstream home toilet
> that you can buy for about $350.  Probably good for your application.  Uses
> a 1.28 gallon flush, and flushes SO much better than other toilets using
> more.  And the cyclone bowl with no rim holes in easy to clean.
> The list prices may look steep, but you can get them for about 40% off with
> a little haggling.  And lots of places sell them on ebay.  Would be glad to
> give ya more info, but I gotta get to work.
> -Wayne
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