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Re: [Shop-talk] GPS Systems

To: Steve Hammatt Mount Vernon WA USA <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] GPS Systems
From: Bill Gilroy <>
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2009 13:37:32 -0800
I have a TomTom 3?? in my wife's car and a Garmin Nuvi (cheap one) in my
truck.  First both units will have map errors, that is a given.  The mapping
and UI on the TomTom is better than the Garmin but the Garmin has a much
richer point of interest database.

Thinks I like about the TomTom are:

   - UI to pick a route is much better and eaiser to use
   - You can exclude part of the route via the UI.  This is great when it
   tries to route you down a busy section of road you would like to avoid.
   - When you re-route yourself the TomTom will use that new route much
   quicker then the Garmin.  The Garmin will work very hard to get you back
   onto its orignal route
   - Allows you to pick routes based on time, distance, seneic, etc
   - Runs for hours without the battery

Things I dislike about the TomTom

   - The POI database is not that complete.  Sometimes we know the name of
   where we want to go, but we cannot find it in the POI database

The Garmin is the complete opposite, I only like the POI database and all
the rest is not very good.  You can't exclude part of the route, it really
tries to stick to a route.

If I have to get another one, I would get a TomTom for my wife and I might
check out the MIO mentioned earlier in the thread for myself.  Even with the
sub-standard POI database I would choose a TomTom over the Garmin.

Issaquah, WA

On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 10:50 AM, Steve Hammatt Mount Vernon WA USA <> wrote:

> Looking for recommendations for a portable GPS system for our cars.  Needs
> to be portable and self-powered because we'd probably use it during our
> antique car tours as well as with our daily drivers.
> Any direct experience regarding brands (Garmin, Magellan, TomTom, etc.) and
> desired features? Christmas time is drawing near<grin>
> Thanks
> Steve Hammatt
> Mount Vernon WA USA
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