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Re: [Shop-talk] mower engine issue

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] mower engine issue
From: Jim Franklin <>
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 09:41:31 -0400
On Aug 25, 2009, at 9:00 AM, wrote:
> if it's used to maintain a fairly constant engine speed,  
> randall said, why do I want that? I can just scrap the whole  
> assembly and hook the throttle cable from the pedal to the carb  
> plate? or does it actually run better (or only) with that thing on  
> there? now that you guys mention it, the cable isn't hooked up to  
> the throttle plate at all. like you said, it seems to be  
> 'suggesting' a speed. well, that's no fun in a cart.

It'll be crisper with a direct connection and should run just fine.  
Depending on the carb size, it may bog slightly if you floor it too  
fast; the governor damps that action a bit.

Worst that can happen is you blow the motor, or run the cable  
incorrectly and the throttle sticks and you plow into a wall.

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