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Re: [Shop-talk] mower engine issue

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] mower engine issue
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 13:00:47 +0000 (UTC)
right, so I'm a genius. it's THIS engine. I mean, the only thing missing are 
the honda identifying stickers. those chinese are getting really, really good 
at copying stuff. 

actually, honda seems to have several different models in that line, but the 
one on the cart at least *looks* just like that one. 

anyhow, it'll idle, or almost, anyway. I got it to idle last night, it's just 
that the low part of the period sometimes coincided with 'engine off'. and if 
it does have an idle circuit, where might it be? I cleaned every hole I saw in 
that carb, but maybe I missed one. I assume it's either to do with the spring 
not being hooked up or the governor itself is messed up, because it does it at 
all rpm ranges. at wot it just goes from wot to slightly lower and back, etc. 

if it's used to maintain a fairly constant engine speed, randall 
said, why do I want that? I can just scrap the whole assembly and hook the 
throttle cable from the pedal to the carb plate? or does it actually run better 
(or only) with that thing on there? now that you guys mention it, the cable 
isn't hooked up to the throttle plate at all. like you said, it seems to be 
'suggesting' a speed. well, that's no fun in a cart. 

I also love the yamaha stuff. I've brought back two rds from the dead with that 

thanks guys. 

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That's the governor. It takes engine speed (usually from the air 
coming off the cooling fins on the flywheel acting on a vane, or by a 
connection into the crankcase) and limits it by being directly 
connected to the throttle. The spring is the connection between the 
gas pedal, turtle/rabbit handle, etc and the carburetor. It takes the 
operator's requested speed and suggests it to the carburetor. When the 
engine speeds up the governor acts against the spring to throttle back 
to a pre-set maximum (either for lawnmower blade speed federal 
maximums, or connecting rod integrity). Do not mess with this if you 
do not understand it, and certainly, once you understand it, do not 
adjust/defeat the governor to allow a higher speed than they set it up 
for ;-) 

What I believe is happening is your idle circuit isn't working, still 
plugged up. When the engine starts to stall, the governor has less 
wind acting on it so the throttle starts to open, activating the main 
circuit which runs just fine. Engine speeds up, throttle closes, no 
more gas, engine slows down, throttle opens, repeat. You need to clean 
out the idle circuit. It's too small to get in there with mechanical 
means without scoring it, so you'll need to use chemical means, 
soaking the carb for a day or two. A gallon of Berryman's is $30 or 
so, but my favorite is Yamaha carb cleaner in the black one liter 
bottle if you have a dealer nearby. Follow the directions on the 
Yamaha stuff, though I have also used it in teh gas tank and let it 
burn through with no ill effects. 
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