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Re: [Shop-talk] Cable requirements

To: "David C." <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Cable requirements
From: Ben Zwissler <>
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 16:52:31 -0400
Yes, but ampacity is the amp carrying capacity without considering 
voltage drop.  Considering voltage drop and buried/conduit the chart in 
my 20 year old "Wiring Simplified 34th Ed" says you need #4 for 60 amp 
220 and a one way distance of more than 95 feet to less than 150 feet.  
If you go smaller, the wire will be OK but you'll have larger voltage 
drop than recommended.

Same disclaimer, not an electrician, just reading from my book.....


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On 8/22/2009 1:32 PM, David C. wrote:
> Here's a couple of answers, but I'm not an electrician, engineer, code 
> official or anything like that.
> According to an on-line ampacity chart (it's on the Internet so it 
> must be true):>
>   #6 NM or UF is good for 55 amps, and #4 is good for 70.  What I 
> would probably do is run #6 UF for the entire circuit since it's rated 
> for direct burial, and install a 40 or 50 amp panel.  In my previous 
> house I had a detached garage/shop which I ran off a subpanel from my 
> pump house, which was subpaneled from my house.  The servcice to the 
> shop was installed by a local electrical contractor.  The garage/shop 
> had a 40 amp panel.  I ran the lights, two garage door openers, a 220 
> volt contractor's table saw, an old Craftsman 220 compressor and other 
> tools and never popped a breaker.
> Dave C
> wrote:
>> OK, I want to add electricity to an outbuilding.
>> I was thinking 60amp circuit (just enough for lights, a few plugs for
>> chargers, and maybe a garage door opener in the future.)
>> Here is the set up.  My shop has 200amp service.  The service panel 
>> is on
>> the exact opposite side of the building as the new building.  So I would
>> have about a 50' run, inside the existing shop, then a 65' run of buried
>> cable to the new building.
>> A few questions...
>> One, what gauge wire do I need to run?
>> Should I do direct bury wire or conduit?
>> Am I missing anything?
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