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Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 22:54:33 -0700
I'll second the Redwing suggestions.  Many years later, they are still my


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   I was happy to see Redwing get early recommendations.  I've got three
pairs now, and have been wearing Redwings for ...geeze, 36 years.  My
favorites for work have been resoled about 20 times, had patches applied to
the toes so I can crawl around in caves, and a patch along one side since my
broken feet don't flex quite right.  Can't beat a completely rebuildable
U.S. made boot.  They're an investment, and worth every penny.  

   For more waterproof and warm, even when you get icy water inside, I
really like Matterhorn's.  They're also U.S. made, Gortex lined (so that
cold water warms up around your feet like you were wearing a wet suit), but
a bit heavy and clunky for every day civilian wear.  If you live outdoors in
the winter they're great.


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>well, my lightweight metatarsal work boots are finally wearing out... 
>the metatarsal shield came loose on the left boot yesterday and I do a 
>flop walk now....  how bout some recommendations for a safety toe 
>workboot that doesn't weigh you down and is waterproof...  don't 
>necessarily need the metatarsal guard anymore, but steel toe is a good
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